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Over 90 years of camera repair experience

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Who are we?

We’re sendean. We’ve been around since 1926. Impressive, huh? Our team is made up of camera technicians, front line staff and the odd tea-maker too! It’s a family business spanning three generations. And that’s the way we like it.


Demetrios and Patroulla

The company directors; parents and grandparents to most of the team. You won’t see them around much, but sometimes Demetrios will repair at Clerkenwell. If you ever want to chat about the changing face of the industry, he’s your guy.




Philip started repairing cameras after he left university in 2003, where he studied Maths with Theoretical Physics. He is the Senior Technician focusing mainly on digital cameras. He also manages the stores, and makes sure everything runs like clockwork.

His favourite things are motorbikes, Alan Partridge, and his band Fierce Monkey.
His camera: Fuji X10


David’s speciality is analogue cameras, and started working at sendean in 1987. He’s been known to fix cameras that others just can’t. Restoring cameras back to their former glory is what he does best.

His favourite things are ginger nuts, ginger beer and root ginger. And name dropping.
His camera: Canon IV SB


Andrew repairs analogue and cine equipment. He also loves a bit of Polaroid. Andrew loves talking to customers about anything. It doesn’t even have to be about cameras. But he especially loves helping people choose vintage cameras to buy, so if you’re in the market for a new treasure, he’s your man. He’s Philip’s brother, and has been working at sendean since 2002. Ni hao. He can also speak Chinese.

His favourite things are Yorkies, Back to the Future and prawn vindaloo.
His camera: Panasonic GF3 with Olympus Pen F 42mm f1.2


Steven is Philip’s assistant, starting out as an apprentice in 2009. He’s now a Digital Technician and repairs anything from compact cameras to the pro stuff. He’ll often be found sitting quietly at his desk engrossed in his latest repair.

His favourite things are cleaning (seriously), mum’s vanilla cheesecake and computer games.
His camera: Panasonic TZ30

Front of House


Jonathan started at sendean four years ago and has progressed to Front of House Manager (well, he did marry into the family). He makes sure cameras are where they should be, and has an uncanny ability to remember our customers’ names. Try it out next time you’re at Clerkenwell.

His favourite things are skateboarding, Tiger beer and American things.
His camera: Sony NEX-5 with a Computar 50mm 1.3


Susanna is solely based over at our Soho store. She loves speaking with customers about their cameras, and will very often give tutorials to students and amateur photographers on how to get the best photos. She’s very helpful. Susanna’s been working at the shop since 2004.

Her favourite things are photographing surfers, sample sales and sewing.
Her camera: Pentax ME Super with 50mm f1.4


Keziah’s been working at sendean for over seven years, although before this she’d often spend her summer holidays at the shop with her dad, David. She’s since become known as the best sandwich maker of all time. Keziah’s often found planning last-minute getaways to Brazil. Oh, did we mention she’s fluent in Portuguese?

Her favourite things are travel, swing dancing and French cinema.
Her camera: Canon AE-1 program with a 28mm f2.8


Jack is our resident social media bod, and has been working at the shop for two years. His passion is photography, and he’s tried out almost every camera we sell. You’ll have to ask him which is his favourite.

His favourite things are Instagram, Nando’s and his iPad.
His camera: Canon EOS 550D with 10-22mm EFS


The only non-relative. But we love her all the same. She’s been working at sendean for over two years. Lara was once called the most polite person in the world. As well as booking in cameras, she also manages our customer and photographer databases. And she’s fluent in French and Chinese, too.

Her favourite things are lattes, roses and lemon drizzle cake.
Her camera: Pen EES-2