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Over 90 years of camera repair experience

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Who are we?

We’re sendean. We’ve been around since 1926. Impressive, huh? Our team is made up of camera technicians, front line staff and the odd tea-maker too! It’s a family business spanning three generations. And that’s the way we like it.


Demetrios and Patroulla

The company directors; parents and grandparents to most of the team. Demetrious sadly passed away in 2019 but he instilled his years of photographic knowledge and wisdom to his sons and the rest of the team.




Philip used to watch his dad repair cameras at the workshop since he was a toddler. He officially joined Sendean after he left university in 2003, where he studied Maths with Theoretical Physics. He is the senior technician focusing mainly on digital cameras. He also manages the store and makes sure everything runs like clockwork.

His favourite things are KTM motorbikes, his wife’s amazing cooking, and his home cinema.

His camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III


David’s speciality is analogue cameras, and he joined the family (and Sendean) in 1987 when he married Philip’s sister. He’s been known to fix cameras that others just can’t. Restoring cameras back to their former glory is what he does best.

His favourite things are documentaries, restoring cars, and hot Thai curries.
His camera: Canon IV SB


Andrew repairs analogue and cine equipment. He also loves a bit of Polaroid. Andrew loves talking to customers about their cameras. He loves helping people choose vintage cameras to buy, and giving lessons on how to use them. So if you’re in the market for a new treasure, he’s your man. He’s Philip’s brother, and has been working at Sendean since 2002. Ni hao. He can also speak Chinese.

His favourite things are his electric car, his self built pizza oven, and Kung Pao chicken.
His camera: Olympus E-M5 II with Angenieux 25mm 0.95


Jonathan started at Sendean years ago and is now one of our main digital technicians. He is also a wiz with computers and has created several programs for the company. He’s self proclaimed “Assistant to the Regional Manager”.

His favourite things are skateboarding, Red Bull, and The Office US.
His camera: Canon EOS 760D with a 50mm 1.8 STM


Jack is one of our digital technicians. He’s been here for years now and he’s tried out almost every camera we sell. You’ll have to ask him which is his favourite. He’s Philip’s brother-in-law and also married to Jess, one of our front liners.

His favourite things are jam doughnuts, his Nintendo Switch, and anything Apple.
His camera: Canon EOS 550D with 10-22mm EFS


Asa is one of our newest analogue technicians but he’s a fast learner. He specialises in repairing Olympus cameras and is also a cine apprentice. Don’t forget though this is a family business - he’s Jessie’s cousin too.

His favourite things are playing ice hockey, watching ice hockey, and talking about it at every opportunity. 

His camera: Olympus OM10 with 50mm 1.8

Front of House


Jess has been at Sendean since 2013. She works alongside her husband, Jack. She loves a spreadsheet and is in charge of our stock lists. If you’re speaking to her, make sure you listen carefully, she speaks super fast!

Her favourite things are shopping online, baking and peonies.

Her camera: Olympus OM-1N with 50mm 1.4


Susie is the sister of Philip and Andrew. She doesn’t spend much time in the stores as she sorts out the accounts and admin, but when she does, she loves speaking with customers about their camera. She’s been working at Sendean since 2004.

Her favourite things are surfing holidays, trying new foods, and she loves a sale.
Her camera: Pentax ME Super with 50mm f1.4


Jill loves to help people out when she can. Jill is like the mum of the Sendean family, oh… and she’s Jacks mum too.

Her favourite things are cruises, family holidays, and helping people.

Her camera: Panasonic TZ40


Tegan is our social media manager. She loves photography and is keen to try out different analogue cameras. She’s Jonathan’s cousin too. Tegan’s learnt a lot since she’s been with us - she can now make a decent cup of coffee.

Her favourite things are reading, shopping, and massive eyelashes… on her car.

Her camera: Canon AF35 ML